Excited to be in the Maldives, that I decided to walk around the island and do some exploring.

There are over 1,000 islands that make up the Maldives, with such a huge number of resorts to chose from. When I was planning my trip I knew that in addition to doing a week long liveaboard, I wanted to also relax and enjoy island life for a few days. In the beginning of the trip I wanted to choose an “easy” island to get to, that doesn’t require another flight just in case I had delays getting into the country. I used Booking.com to find a resort, and unsurprisingly I just wanted to make sure I could stay in a private room, close to the beach, that was cheap. I actually first booked a room on Gulhi Island, I looked on their Instagram account and saw they had a beautiful private beach, so I booked it.

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