Gulhi is located in South Malé Atoll and a speedboat trip to Gulhi from the capital Malé takes just 30 minutes and cost only 100 MVR for Maldivians and Residents for one way, and 20 USD for tourists (Some speedboat operators 25$ ). Perhaps staying in a luxury island resort in the Maldives limits your connection with the locals and discover their way of life, which you will find in Gulhi. At the same time, it will give you a better opportunity to discover the local Maldivian culture. You will see how the locals eat, interact and live on a daily basis…

Gulhi Island is not very big, therefore, it is easy to get to know the island within an hour, and it takes very little effort to find shops and restaurants and you need to taste the delicious local food. The island is mainly a fishing village with friendly local people. The small island have also two amazing bikini beaches one in the north and one in south. There is also a small sandbank island near Gulhi that you can reach it even with Catamaran, and watch many dolphins in your way, and you can take amazing pictures there. Gulhi is really great island for snorkelling and scuba diving . All water sports and excursions are available there as well. Personally i prefer Gulhi island much better than Maafushi island for many reasons and especially you will never find the crowd of Maafushi in Gulhi, you will really enjoy there and relax and it’s really peace of mind.

Transfer to Gulhi by Public Ferry
You can reach Gulhi also in very cheap way and save lot of money. Once your flight arrive to Velana International airport and after you collect your luggage, just head to the airport ferry jetty and take ferry boat to Malé, ticket cost around 1.5$ , (just 10 to 15 minutes) and then from Malé take a taxi ride to Villingili ferry terminal (You can also walk and it take maximum 20 to 25 minutes by feet). Then once you arrive to Villingili terminal you can buy ticket for just 2$ however the journey duration will be around 80 minutes. Ferry runs everyday except in Friday and Monday.